We talk about Same-Sex Marriage, Equal Marriage and Same-Sex Weddings - these are some of the phrases which enable our LGBTQ+ community to be assured that our venues and contributors are "Gay / LGBTQ+ Friendly". In an ideal world and hopefully soon, we could just use the words "Marriage" and "Wedding" with no fear of discrimination - sadly there are a few suppliers, in the wedding industry, who aren't in total agreement with the new equality laws. Ours are. All of our venues and contributors to our blogs support same-sex marriage 100%, are "Gay / LGBTQ+ Friendly" and you can be assured your enquiry will be met with nothing but positivity.

If you ever wondered what it's like from the "behind the scenes" we're delighted to share some insight along with tips and advice from an "in-house" wedding and events manager, Claire Nicholl. Claire is based in Holdsworth House, one of our Gay Friendly wedding venues who appear on Pink Wedding Venues. 

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