Big thanks indeed to Nicola Winslade from Bishopstrow Hotel & Spa - one of our stunning, gay friendly, venues for sharing her most FAQ's with us.


Bishopstrow Hotel & Spa, one of the finest wedding venues in Wiltshire, are looking forward to another busy wedding season. Not shy of putting together many couple’s special day, Nicola Winslade, Bishopstrow’s resident Wedding Concierge has pulled together her most frequently asked questions and here are her answers…

What is the hardest part about planning a wedding?

Finding the right venue is the hardest part. The venue needs to suit the bride and groom for a whole number of reasons. These can include;

  • Guest numbers
  • Food menus
  • Location
  • Travel/Transport links
  • Photography opportunities
  • Accommodation for guests
  • Not forgetting the look and feel of the venue 

A key thing to remember is to pick your venue because you love it as it will stay in your heart forever. Although it’s good to have opinions from loved ones, remember it’s your special day, not theirs. Once the venue is booked you can relax and everything will fall into place nicely.

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Are evening buffets essential and how many guests do I cater for?

Evening buffets are not always essential; it can be decided based on the time of day you get married. If you have an earlier ceremony between 11am-3pm you will probably want an evening buffet as your wedding breakfast would fall early afternoon. Your wedding day is quite a long day once you include getting ready, the ceremony, the wedding breakfast and a long night of dancing, so you are bound to be peckish in the evening.  

If you choose to have a late afternoon ceremony, once you have had your drinks reception and you sit down for your wedding breakfast, it is likely to be dinner time, so it is not essential to have a buffet afterwards. Don’t forget, you have your wedding cake to cut and serve to your guests which is plenty after a three course meal. If you do decide to have an evening buffet only cater for 75% of your guests. You will be surprised at the amount of leftover food which gets wasted. Something as simple as bacon rolls has proven very popular at our weddings last year. 

What happens if I am late for the ceremony?

Within reason this is normal. In fact it is more unusual that brides are on time. It is important you don’t rush and that you enjoy the moment because the day will be over in a flash. 

How soon should we plan our menu tasting and how can we make the guests happy with our menu? 

Don’t have your menu tasting too far in advance. The best way to try your food is nearer to the wedding so you don’t forget how the food tasted. Not only that but the food prepared will be in season, so your menu will be prepared with the highest quality of ingredients. Most venues only allow one menu on the day so guests don’t have a choice. Although this doesn’t suit everyone, it does mean it stops your guests from being picky - which we all know they can be. Remember it’s your day, so if you want the simplest of menus or the most extravagant, the guests have what you want.  

How do you know what suppliers to use? 

Most, if not all, venues will have a recommended suppliers list. These lists will include suppliers that they have worked with in the past. Your chosen venue can then validate punctuality and professionalism of the supplier. 

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