Our "Guest Blogger" - Hazel from "IDOONABUDGET" has, very kindly, shared some ideas on what to do regarding your surnames once you've "tied the knot" - who's name do you choose? Do you keep your own surname? Take that of your partner? Have a read below for some great ideas - we LOVE the idea of "Meshing" - sounds like fun trying to make up a name!

Have you thought about what you and your partner are going to do with your surnames upon getting married? 

Among the numerous traditions surrounding marriage one of the big ones is the bride renouncing her last name and taking her husbands. But how does this translate to same-sex weddings? Especially as increasing numbers of heterosexual women are choosing not to take their husbands name and more heterosexual men are opting to take their wifes name or double barrel with her. 

What should you do with your last name when you get married?

Even though it may be customary for same sex couples to keep their own surnames, there are many other options available that may be perfect for you. The truth is the same options are available to same sex couples as to heterosexual couples when getting married. Whether you decide to keep your own names, both change or have just one of you change your name, there is no right or wrong, just what is right for you. 

It may be the case that keeping your last name is really important to you and the thought of changing your name is very upsetting, or perhaps changing your name could be detrimental to your career. If your partner does not have the same strong feelings towards their surname then there is nothing wrong with them taking your name. In this case a Deed Poll is not required as your UK marriage certificate will be accepted by HM Passport Office and any other companies you need to notify of your name change.

Some well-known options would be to double-barrel your names or to have your spouse’s last name as a middle name. If you are double-barrelling there are no rules as to which name should go first, it simply comes down to what you think sounds better. Whether you are double-barrelling or adding your spouses name as a middle name you will both need to submit your name change via Deed Poll. 

More unusual options are choosing a new surname or meshing your last names together to create a new one.

A friend of mine married her wife last year and they decided to both change their last names. Miss L Smith and Miss L Egginton chose a brand new last name to share together and they became Mrs & Mrs Lewis. If you decide to both change your surname to something new you’ve chosen together than you will need to complete a name change by Deed Poll.

Meshing is combining both of your surnames to make a new name. This option won’t work for everyone as it depends on if your surnames could be joined as one. Examples of how meshing can work are: 

Mr Clifton and Mr Mole could mesh their names to create Mr & Mr Molton

Miss Gatts and Miss Harley could become Mrs & Mrs Hattsley.

You will need to submit your name change via Deed Poll for both of these options. 

A nice touch for the ceremony would be to sign your Deed Poll forms after signing the register. Apply for your Deed Polls before the wedding and fill in all of the important details but leave them unsigned. If there is a post box near your ceremony or reception venue a cracking photo opportunity would be to have a picture of you posting your Deed Poll forms in all your wedding day finery. Alternatively a member of the wedding party can keep them safe for you to post the day after. 

Had you contemplated your name change options? Do you know what you and your significant other would like to do upon saying “I Do”? 

I hope that I have been able to open your eyes to the amazing possibilities available to you - your names should be as unique as your couple identity.

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