Free Guide to Marketing your Wedding Venue to LGBTQ+ Couples

  • Can same-sex couples find your wedding venue easily and immediately know you're LGBTQ+ Friendly?

  • Do you wonder how you can reach out to and attract same-sex couples to your venue?

  • Are you featuring your wedding venue in publications which are focused towards the once traditional "Bride and Groom" (eg. Bridebook, Guides for Brides, Hitched, Coco, UK Bride etc.) but not sure where/how to feature to Brides & Brides or Grooms & Grooms?

  • Would you say LGBTQ+ couples have a good representation on your website alongside opposite sex couples?

  • Is your wedding venue showing visibilty and inclusivity for same-sex couples? 

  • Are you worried about what language/imagery to use within your own website/media so it includes all couples?

  • Do you worry you may "get it wrong" and offend?

  • Do you worry that same-sex couples may not see your wedding venue as Gay/LGBTQ+ friendly?

  • Are you sure your recommended suppliers are Gay/LGBTQ+ friendly?

  • Have you experienced any of your same sex couples asking if you mind they're a same-sex couple?

You are not alone!

These are all worries and concerns we, at Pink Wedding Venues, hear often and we would love to help you and your venue with.

The fact these questions are being asked and thought about, is fantastic!


For tips, ideas and advice on how to ensure your business is seen as inclusive, is marketed well and has considered the LGBTQ+ community, please feel free to:- 

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