Many people dream of a summer wedding, outdoors, in a beautiful countryside setting. It’s the kind of wedding we see in films, read about in books, and many people become obsessed with the notion that a sunny day is the key to a happy day. 

But that doesn’t have to be the way. 

Tying the knot in the winter can be incredibly romantic. To start with, you can choose lots of fun ways to keep your guests warmed up, such as mulled wine or cider. You can have fire pits for the outside part of your wedding – and there are some gorgeous heated marquees that you could place outside.  


Winter spices


Another reason to get married in winter is, because it’ll be cold outside, you’ll avoid the stress of having a wedding that’s too hot. While sunshine is great, nothing is worse than being sweaty at a wedding. If your wedding is Mr and Mr, you steer clear of being too warm in your black-tie attire. If it’s Mrs and Mrs, a winter wedding will mean you make up stays perfectly intact, and you and all your bridesmaids won’t be red-faced during the photographs. It also means guests won’t complain about being too hot! It’s easy to heat up an indoor venue to the perfect temperature, but summer weddings can see venues become swelteringly hot very rapidly, taking away enjoyment from the big day. 


Winter window


Aside from the practicalities of temperature and weather – typical British problems! – a winter wedding can be incredibly gorgeous. Frosty mornings, elegant bare trees, the possibility of snow dusting the surroundings like a winter wonderland – all providing the perfect backdrop while you say your vows (if you’re struggling to picture it, picture Phoebe from Friends’ amazing outdoor winter wedding). 

How many summer weddings have you been to? Every single wedding I’ve ever been to has taken place in June – August, so, having a winter wedding will make you stand out. An added bonus to a this is that guests will be really excited about attending a winter wedding, and will be more able to attend – there’s nothing worse than someone’s wedding coinciding with your summer holiday. Be different and opt for a winter wedding! 

(And don’t forget, many venues will offer a discount during the quieter wedding months, as will certain caterers and airlines. This will save you money, meaning you have more money to spend on your dream honeymoon!)


Winter Love



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