James and Sam Hayden-Harler - Husband and Husband wedding planners from Ever Ever After have, very kindly, taken the worry out of planning your wedding day! Below is a 12 month countdown which will help everything run as smoothly as it can...


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 Planning a Wedding - Where do we start?

To start planning your wedding you need to have an idea of the budget you intend to spend, including a saving plan in place if you need to start putting money aside too. You can then begin to look to set an approximate date for your wedding, be mindful that this will be depend on the availability of your wedding venue. Once your date is confirmed by your venue - the fun begins! We recommend making a wedding timeline so that it breaks down every aspect of the planning process. It’s entirely up to you how you do it, some like to separate into individual months whereas some couples like to work in two to three month chunks.

Try not to let planning take over every waking moment! Make sure you enjoy being engaged and get plenty of breaks - a great excuse for a date night, a romantic meal or a mini break away. Bear in mind the longer the time you plan your wedding for will give you more time in which to change you mind. This can sometimes mean extra cost - so keep an eye on what is being spent!

A typical planning timescale for wedding planning is approximately 9 to 12 months. This gives plenty of time to prepare and organise everything you need and for it to remain stress-free. If you’re choosing to honeymoon, remember to factor this in to your timeline too as you may need to apply for visas which do take time to process. Here is our 12 month breakdown with everything you need to plan that dream wedding;


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12 months to go
• Firm up your budget & savings plan
• Draft a guest list
• Look at potential venues & dates
• Explore what kind of wedding you would like
• Ask your wedding party that you would like involved

11 months
• Book your wedding venue / venues
• Purchase wedding insurance
• Arrange ceremony officiator (Vicar, Registrar)
• Send ‘Save The Dates’
• Shop for the Brides dress
• Consider the running order for your day
• Research and book your photographer

10 months
• Research and book a videographer
• Think about the entertainment for your day
• Book your DJ or band for the evening reception
• Start to look at outfits for the groom & wedding party
• If you are needing to hire anything (chairs, chair covers etc), contact suppliers and get competitive quotes
• Consider making a wedding website for guest info you can’t fit on the invitation
• Look at accommodation that may be needed near your venue

9 months
• Start planning your honeymoon / mini-moon (don’t forget all bookings should be in the name on your passport!)
• Think about flowers and book a florist
• Get an idea of venue decoration
• Book your DJ or band
• Book any suppliers you may need (chairs, tables etc)
• Consider what food you would like for reception, evening and canapés

8 months
• Book ceremony/drinks reception musicians or entertainment
• Research wedding invitations and obtain quotes
• Research gift list registrations

7 months
• Purchase bridesmaid dresses
• Register with your gift list company
• Seek inspiration for your wedding favours

6 months
• Order wedding invitations
• Give notice of intent to marry (if appropriate)
• Double check the expiry of your passport if you travelling abroad (most countries seek 3 - 6 month period between travel date and expiry)
• Research and book caterer (if not included with venue)

5 months
• Shop for wedding rings
• Look at any readings or songs you may be having in your ceremony
• Research cakes

4 months
• Consider transport you may need for the day
• Draft speeches and vows
• Look at hair & make up stylists
• Order wedding cake (and arrange a tasting too!)

3 months
• If you’re renting suits - get measured up and order
• Send out invitations
• Book your transport for the day
• Buy or make your favours

2 months
• Finalise your vows
• Confirm you hair and make-up stylist(s) and book trials
• Purchase gifts for parents and wedding party
• Confirm content and running order for order of service / ceremony
• Draft seating plan

1 month
• Have your final dress fitting
• Chase any RSVPs you have not received
• Finalise content for the order of service / ceremony and have them printed
• Complete any extras such as Welcome / ‘Hangover Kits’
• Final meetings with venue and suppliers - confirming any specific guest requirements and final payments

2 weeks
• Confirm final seating plan and get printed/make
• Print place cards
• Speak with DJ / band / musicians and confirm your music choices
• Brides - have your hair cut and coloured, if needed

1 week to go
• Give photographer ‘must have’ photograph list
• Inform videographer of details/moments you want included in your video
• Confirm guest list and seating plan with venue
• Provide timeline of your wedding day (including contact numbers details) to your venue/coordinator
• Groom - get your hair cut
• Get used to wearing your wedding shoes (Bride & Groom)
• Go over your vows and speeches and make any final changes
• Book yourself in for a well deserved Spa Day and beauty treatments

2-3 days before
• Press and steam dresses
• Collect any hired outfits (making sure they fit!)
• Confirm pick up times with your transport
• Let suppliers know of any changes and provide them with a point of contact for the day
• Pack your bags for any overnight stays / honeymoon / mini-moon
• Make sure everything is ready to be taken to venues, ensuring it is well labelled
• Hold a ceremony rehearsal (if needed)
• Have all relevant paperwork you need in one place

Night before
• Enjoy a relaxing night in and get a good nights sleep

Wedding Day!
• Keep calm, relax and enjoy your beautiful wedding day!


Wedding Day


Many couples find by organising and planning their time well in advance, ensures you are both in control of how your planning progresses. We wish you all the very best for your wedding planning and if we can be of any help or you would like a coordinator to ensure your day runs smoothly, please do get in touch with us.

"On behalf of the team at Pink Wedding Venues, we would like to say a HUGE "Thank-you" to James and Sam for sharing this valuable information! We hope it help you in the planning of your big day...GOOD LUCK and ENJOY!" 

If you are looking for Gay Friendly wedding Planners to help you with your plans, please contact James and Sam. They have heaps of experience and advice and would be delighted to hear from you:-


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