Your complete guide to the ultimate alternative to confetti at weddings - Bubbles!

Did you know that the tradition of throwing confetti at a wedding originated in Italy and it was to bestow prosperity on the happy couple. Did you also know that prior to paper confetti used today, flowers, petals, grain or rice were also used.




Bubble machine with reduced wetting bubble solution: Imagine walking down the aisle after a beautiful ceremony only to be met with thousands of bubbles of different colours, shapes and sizes simply floating out to meet you. A strategically placed bubble machine can produce up to 2,500 bubbles per minute creating a bubble wonderland right in front of your eyes. What’s even better is with the accompanying reduced wetting formula meaning your clothes will be not stained in the majority of circumstances.


Champagne bubbles: Whilst you and your partner are sipping on bubbley champagne, these small champagne shaped bottles of bubbles can keep your young (and the young at heart) guests entertained. They also make for excellent wedding favours.

Edible bubbles: Yes you read that correctly, you can now eat bubbles and not only that, they come in different flavours. From Tutti Fruitti to bubblegum, these lighter than air pockets of goodness will guarantee to alleviate any boredom and are guaranteed to not spoil your dinner. Simply blow these bubbles like you normally would, stick out your tongue and taste the sweetness. They are also gluten free and you will probably lose more calories eating them than not.

3D bubble love glasses: Strictly not for throwing or blowing, these glasses make for fantastic wedding favours. Stick these over your eyes and look into the light, you will literally see love floating before you. These glasses reveal hearts when you stare directly at lights or fireworks or bubbles in the sun.

Bubble Diamonds: No they are not blood diamonds, they are diamond shaped bottles full of thousands of bubbles. These little Tardis like bottles make for fantastic wedding favours or just left on the tables at your reception for your guests to enjoy.

Bubbleologist: You’ve heard of a magician and a comedian at a wedding but have you thought about a professional bubbleologist? A Bubbleologist is a professional ‘wizard’ of bubbles. They can create shapes that you never thought possible, they can even put you inside your very own bubble! Bubble Inc have professional bubbleologists that can entertain and amaze your guests and have displayed their skills at prestigious events for such celebrities as JK Rowling and Lily Allen.


Having bubbles at your wedding will provide a sumptuous visual feast (and sometimes actual feast if you include edible bubbles) for you and your guests to enjoy. There is no cleaning up, no staining of your clothes and they are universally accepted. On top of this they make for some great pictures and with 9 Guinness World Record’s for bubbles under our belt, you can be guaranteed your wedding will be different.


About us:
At BubbleInc we take bubbles seriously, Samsam Bubbleman world's leading bubbleologist with 10 Guinness Bubble World Records & 3 Blue Peter Badges! If you are looking to hire a Bubbleologist to celebrate your big day, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you are looking to purchase bubble products for wedding favours or just for yourself, you can visit the biggest bubble shop on Earth at




Pink Wedding Venues would like to "Thank", very much, for their contribution to our "Tips and Advice" pages.  Many venues don't allow confetti so it's worth checking. We think bubbles are a fantastic alternative to confetti and make great photo's for your special day! can be contacted on: 020 835 00362

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