First Dance Top Tips for Same-Sex Wedding Couples!

To ensure your first dance goes smoothly, we are delighted to receive top tips below from professional choreographer and owner of Notorious Weddings; Victoria Pearce. Victoria has created 100's of first dances for couples and has been generous in offering some advice gathered from her experience in helping couple's make a lasting impression on the dance floor!

First Dance Top Tips for same sex marriages from Notorious Weddings 

I’d like to share with you my top 10 tips to ensure a successful First Dance. Being a specialist in wedding choreography for that special moment on your big day there are many questions same sex couples ask me before stepping out onto the dance floor to ensure they are confident and not treading on each other’s toes...

1. Choose your first dance song carefully - This song will live with you for the rest of your lives so make sure the song is special to you both. It might be a song that reminds you of when you first met or a mash up of songs that you both love. There are no rules; the song should simply reflect you as a couple whatever it may be.

2. DJ or Band? - When thinking about how to play your first dance song think carefully, I recommend you get a DJ or someone to play the original track. The reason for this is that if you have a live band and want them to sing your chosen song then there is a huge possibility that they have complete different arrangement to the track you have been practising to. If you are just winging it and have nothing choreographed then a band is absolutely fine for this and a lovely way to kick off the music for the evening.

3. Chose your second song wisely - Think about what song you will have to follow your First Dance. I always advise couples choose an upbeat song to follow that will get everyone up on the dance floor. Your First Dance is usually the last of your ‘duties’ before you can kick off your heels or your brogues and reflect on the glory of the day and drink and be merry, putting on an upbeat song allows distraction as all your guests will be on the dance floor grooving along to a Beatles classic while you can make a toast to each other.

4. Have a little help on the dance floor - If it's just to give you some moves to feel comfortable on the dance floor or a fully choreographed routine a dance teacher can really help you feel confident whatever your abilities. One of the main questions same sex couples ask me is ‘Who leads?’ and my answer is simply ‘both of you’. I get to know the couple first and pull strengths from each individual, giving each partner a moment to lead or show off certain skills, this way there isn’t just the one of you twisting and twirling around and getting all the attention! My aim is to tailor make a routine to your requirements and abilities rather than getting you to try and master some tricky ‘Strictly’ inspired dance moves. I also always take into consideration what you are wearing and any restrictions this might give, how you’d like to approach the dance whether it’s romantic or fun and also discuss the venue so we can prepare you to perform to your guests and get spacing correct. 

5. Introducing your First Dance - Give someone the job of introducing the couple to the dance floor. This will prepare your guests rather than you having to shuffle onto the dance floor while everyone is nibbling at the buffet table and totally missing you strutting your stuff. It also allows you to get focused and prepare to enjoy a really fun moment with all your guests. This is a great job for an usher for example.

6. Guests to join you on the dance floor? - Think about whether you want to dance to the whole song or for your guests to join you on the dance floor. It really depends on the you as a couple, it’s a really nice idea to keep the dance for just the 2 of you but if you’re not comfortable dancing to a whole song then bringing in some close friends or family members can be a really nice touch.

7. New shoes? - If you both have new shoes make sure you wear them in before the big day, practice dancing in them and walking around so you feel comfortable. New shoes tend to be slippy so a top tip for you is to spray the soles with hairspray!

8. Practice makes perfect - Whether you have dance lessons or not take some time out to practice dancing together, You wouldn’t believe how many couples tell me they have never even danced together before so don’t wait till the big day to realise you have no idea what to do.

9. Capture the moment - You'll want to remember this moment forever so make sure you have someone filming the dance and taking pictures. If you don’t have a wedding photographer give this role to someone in your wedding party so you can look back on the moment fondly.

10. Be You – The most important! Same-sex marriage is a hard-won right. Claim it proudly by ensuring everything you do reflects you both as a couple. Don’t be afraid to flex your creative muscles and steer away from traditions.

Victoria Pearce – Professional choreographer and owner of Notorious Weddings.

Victoria has been dancing since she was 3 years old; she has been dancing and choreographing professional for 14 years and has created 100’s of First dances for couples over the years including lots of same sex couples.

The team at Pink Wedding Venues would like to thank Victoria for supplying her tips and ideas for planning a first dance.

To contact Victoria and plan your own first dance she can be contacted here:


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Twitter: @Notorious_Wed

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