Choosing the rings for your same-sex marriage!

We are delighted to have received the following tips from our friends at Woolton & Hewitt. They offer Exclusive collections designed for lesbian and gay couples. 

Wedding Rings - Get the FAQs

Do gay and lesbian couples exchange engagement rings?

The first thing to say is that there are no established rules. In a break from tradition many same sex couples want to choose their engagement rings together. So if you decide on a surprise proposal it's fine to do it without a ring. Other couples, however, will prefer not to give each other engagement rings at all but to put all their cash into extra special wedding rings. After all these are the rings you'll be wearing every day forever.

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Do our wedding rings need to be matching?

It's a great question and often asked. Weddings ring designs vary enormously and can be chosen to reflect your individual personalities. Alternatively, a matching pair of wedding rings embodies the union of two people. This symbolism is important for many gay and lesbian couples as equality, a pairing of equals, lies at the core of their relationship. 

Our advice is three fold. Talk about what you would like. If one of you has a preference for matching rings then embrace the harmony it creates. If you both just want what you like, go for it. Select rings that work for you as individuals. Or, you may decide to 'co-ordinate' as it were and pick rings that, although not identical, are related in some way. Rings that show you are two sides of the same coin. Perhaps one wedding ring with diamonds and one without, or different widths of the same design, or one ring in white gold and one in pink gold. 

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Which colour is best?

Historically yellow gold is the traditional colour for rings. Over the years different gold alloy combinations have given rise to a colour spectrum from rose gold to pink gold to pure yellow gold. 

The 20th century saw a big change. In the 1920's white gold was developed and became very popular. The only problem is that it's not a completely white metal. To achieve a really bright finish it is usually rhodium plated - and plating does wear away over time. Later in the 60's the use of platinum for high-end jewellery took off. In recent years white wedding rings have been the most popular, being made from 9ct white gold, 18ct white gold or platinum. The choice of metals has now been extended further with the introduction of hallmarked palladium. This is another precious metal with the advantages that it's naturally white and less expensive than platinum.

Today, you can also get grey gold which is often used in two-tone designs to create a light and dark contrast. In fact you can even get rainbow rings made from a whole variety of shades of gold.

So, which colour is best? Today white is highly fashionable. Two colour combinations of white and yellow gold, and white and pink gold are also very popular. For a more unusual look a triple colour ring may be the answer. Or you can fly the flag with rainbow or pink gold. Over to you to decide.

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Should we get diamonds?

Gay and lesbian couples have the freedom to define weddings anew. An engagement ring can be whatever you want it to be. It doesn’t have to be a solitaire diamond on a narrow band or a huge sapphire and diamond cluster. For example, black diamond engagement rings are in vogue in the United States. The options are boundless. 

Your wedding rings, similarly, don’t have to follow the established pattern and be plain gold bands. Wedding rings, like they say about diamonds, are forever, so combining them is a great idea. As the majority of wedding ring designs can be diamond set many same sex couples are seizing the opportunity to sparkle.

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We hope these FAQs have been interesting and, if you are embarking on the journey of marriage, may we wish you "Many Congratulations!".

Pink Wedding Venues would like to say a huge "Thank-you" to Paul Hewitt, of Woolton & Hewitt, for supplying these tips for our couples. If you are looking to choose your rings for your big day, we would like to personally recommend visiting these guys who specialise in rings for same-sex couples.


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