One of our beautiful venues, in Devon - Tree Top Escape are not only a gay friendly wedding venue but a dog friendly wedding venue too! They have, kindly, shared Murphy's special day with us.....



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Dog Friendly Weddings at Tree Top Escape

Let’s face it, your perfect day is not perfect if it doesn’t include your waggy tailed best friend! Why should they miss out on the excitement, attention and festivities?  Here at Tree Top Escape we welcome furry bridesmaids/ best men /flower girls and four pawed guest! We must admit to holding our breath when their responsibilities include ring bearing – there are more than just a few little gaps along our wooden walkway aisle but we are pleased to report we have not had an casualties yet!

Tree Top Escape is perfect for bringing your beloved pooch as there are 32 acres to explore (not recommended in wedding heels) including 3 lakes, woodland, wildflowers meadows to enjoy a good run off lead. These amazing grounds are also perfect for spectacular wedding photos but you will have to share the lime light as the photographers are partial to cuddles and they capture all the antics (We believe the saying is never work with children or animals as you will end up with the giggles).

We could tell you more about the amazing weddings we hold at Tree Top Escape but we thought we would let Murphy tell you…

Murphy’s very special day (OK, technically it was his parents wedding day…)

"After a long car journey where I drove mum mad asking if we were there yet, we arrived at a rather wonderful place in the middle of nowhere. I can tell you I was like a dog with 2 tails – I zoomed around checking everything out in the gardens and fields, Mum opened the door and we went into my new house and wowee! I had a special bed waiting for me and my own welcome pack and treats, my mum found her own bed (which I knew would become mine!). Mum unpacked our special outfits which I couldn’t wait to wear because I’m a very handsome boy. My parents then got in their hot swimming pool which I think was unfair as they wouldn’t let me in but it’s ok they threw my new ball for me instead! After dinner I was ready for bed I needed my beauty sleep, it’s hard work having fun and exploring.


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I woke up so excited today was the day I was going to wear my new special outfit, I couldn’t wait! It was all very strange this nice lady came and started poking mum in the face with funny pencils, I thought perhaps I should protect her but she seemed to like it so I went to see the crazy lady who had arrived instead. I heard mum call her a wedding coordinator, no clue what that is, but she was nice and played with me, giving me cuddles, yes that was fun! Just when I was about to get grumpy because mum was getting all the attention she called me over and we both put on our special outfits. Another lady appeared and she pointed a strange machine at me but it was ok because she kept telling me I look gorgeous, well I just had to agree!

I had a very important job to do. I took mum for a walk down a very special path called an aisle, I was so good too – I didn’t wee on all the flowers. It was all so exciting and I had a special chair with my name on it. I had a little nap while my parents did something weird and held hands, it made them very happy. I then heard the crazy lady say something about champagne and canapés so I lead my family to her in the hope I would get a few nibbles. I was not disappointed!


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The lady with the funny machine took my parents and me on a fun walk, there was so many smells and mum told me off when I was about to jump in the very big cold swimming pool. Just when I thought the day couldn’t get any better, mum told me to lead the family back over the special path and there was another special chair for me, this time there was big table too. It turns out mum had booked a chef to create yummy food for everyone. It was so good, Mr Gary made me steak and a special gravy. Delicious! Everyone was having such fun. Eventually the family left and we all went to bed because it was late and we were very tired.

The next day we just enjoyed a nice long walk, I even had a little swim, we were still very tired. But happy tired. After more fun in the house and more yummy food we had an early night. We were all so sad the next day everyone was so nice and mum said it was a magical place (I agree!). But mum says we can come back to celebrate something called anniversary so I’m looking forward to that! WOOF!"

What will your furry best friend say about your wedding day?

With thanks to Murphy & The Tree Top Escape Team xx


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On behalf of the team at Pink Wedding Venues we would like to thank Tree Top Escape for sharing Murphy's big day with his Mums! 

Tree Top Escape is a luxurious hideaway haven and unique wedding venue perched above and amongst the trees on a beautiful private estate in North Devon. Surrounded by glorious rolling hills and valleys, patchwork fields dotted with sheep and leaves of green in every hue, Tree Top Escape offers a matchless setting that is the perfect place for an intimate wedding and honeymoon.

Multi award winning venue, we are proud to welcome same sex weddings. We specialise in romantic intimate weddings and elopements. Our ethos is Your Wedding Your Way so we offer a straight forward wedding package that can be tailored to suit you and what you want for your special day!

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