The Importance of Including Same-Sex Couples in Your Marketing

We have been speaking with the owner of one of our beautiful venues in North Devon - Kathy Murdoch from Ocean Kave regarding their approach and attitude towards serving same-sex couples on their wedding day.

Following our work with Guides for Brides we, at Pink Wedding Venues, are really trying to encourage not just venues but all suppliers who serve the wedding industry to show their consideration and inclusion in their marketing to LGBTQ couples. So often we see Brides and Grooms looking longingly in to each others eyes on imagery, we read Bride and Groom terminology in write up's - but to some, this can be a turn off. We wonder if we need to explain we're a same-sex couple? Is this business Gay-Friendly? Do they support same-sex marriage? 

Kathy and the team at Ocean Kave have really given same-sex couples consideration within their marketing plans  to ensure everyone feels welcome, included and considered...


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"We just love weddings, getting to know and really understand couples and what’s important to them about their special day. For us the art of creating a brilliant wedding is all about the detail and truly understanding what’s important to the couple, sometimes it’s the tiniest thing which may seem insignificant that can turn out to be so important and make a huge difference. After winning the Regional Finals for the Best Countryside Wedding Venue in the 2018 Wedding Industry Awards we are now a National Finalist, the judging in these awards is mainly based on feedback from couples who have got married at the venue.


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We understand the importance of making everyone feel relaxed and comfortable from the get go, if a couple have felt that they wanted to share with us that they were coming to view the venue for a same-sex wedding, then we make sure that our range of look books in the meeting room are appropriate for them, rather than trying to envisage what their wedding could be like with lots of photos of straight couples, we have created some beautiful books showcasing our wonderful same-sex weddings.


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As we have so many options available to consider for same-sex weddings its helpful if we can demonstrate this to couples from the start, for example there is more freedom of choice to the ceremony, getting there and the order of the day. It’s usually quite soon into the viewing that couples realise we are experienced in creating same-sex weddings and are also knowledgeable about the options that are available.

When we created Ocean Kave back in 2013 it was so important that this venue was a venue for everyone regardless of gender and who they fall in love with, Ocean Kave is set in the grounds of our family home and I guess that is why it’s so important to make every guest feel welcomed, loved and valued, just as if they were personal friends.


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 Although I (Kathy Murdoch owner) am straight about 50% of our team are LGBT, this was not intentional it’s just how it turned out, we have the best of the best when it comes to wedding planners and the events team, we recruit team members based on their skills, attitude and ability to be fabulously creative, and it just so happens that half of us are also LGBT.

I am proud that we host so many same-sex weddings at Ocean Kave but even after almost 5 years it still really upsets me when couples have a preconception that a venue may treat them differently or not be welcoming because they are LGBT, it does still happen and it needs to stop, in my opinion the venues and suppliers that choose to take this attitude need to wake up and look very closely at themselves, it’s also a warning to straight couples that venues with this attitude could also judge their family and friends on the day.


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Sometimes we get asked to do you mind that we are LGBT or are you ok with same-sex weddings? This is so sad to hear and you want to shout of course were ok and no we don’t mind and no one is here to judge anyone LGBT or straight, but I guess that couples realise this as soon as they get here. If a couple would prefer to work with one of our wedding planners who is LGBT they have that option, we are never offended or have any issues with this, the bottom line is we are here to help the couple create the best day of their life, it’s important that the trust and chemistry are there so if they feel more comfortable with any colleague then that is totally cool with us."


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On behalf of the team at Pink Wedding Venues, we would like to say "Thank-you" to Kathy for sharing her experiences. We hear of wedding venues who say (and we think they're coming from the right place) "We don't differentiate with our marketing - all weddings are the same" - actually, we believe, they're not. Please be inclusive with your imagery and language so same-sex couples can see, from their first point of interest to your business, that you have considered same-sex couples. 

To contact Ocean Kave and to speak with Kathy and her team about booking this stunning venue, for your big day, please use the links below.
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