Reasons to Have an Autumn Wedding

Summer is over, and with that marks the end of traditional wedding season. The majority of couples choose to tie the knot in summer, romanticising the idea of a beautiful sunny day in the countryside, with a bright orange sunset to end the day. As we know, the great British weather often disappoints on this front, meaning there are plenty of July wedding guests who end up looking a bit soggy in the photos! However, the end of summer means the start of Autumn – our favourite season here at Pink Wedding Venues. Here’s why to have an Autumn wedding…

We’re a bit obsessed with weather, as we know it does have such an impact on your day! The weather for your wedding really depends on what point in Autumn you choose to have your big day, but the fact you’ve chosen Autumn anyway means you won’t be banking on sun like you would if you choose a June date. September is often sunny and warm, with the hottest day in 2016 actually falling mid-September. By November, the weather is a lot cooler, and if you’re tying the knot up North there’s even chances of snow! Autumn sun is very beautiful, and isn’t as stuffy as a mid-August heatwave. Autumn also has some of the most gorgeous sunsets of the year, making the perfect backdrop for your evening reception.


Autumn Sun Heart Leaf

We all know what happens to the trees during Autumn – leaves turn brown, gold, yellow, orange and even purple, and cover the floor. Think how gorgeous this would look in your photos! You could even incorporate the colour scheme into your wedding, having all the groomsmen/bridesmaids in different shades of Autumn colours.

The Food
Autumn food is undeniably the best. Apples, pumpkins, mulled cider, the start of hot-chocolate season... All of these foods can be included in your perfect Autumn day. Why not serve mulled cider as the guests arrive – with hot chocolate for the little ones? You could also garnish your wedding tables with harvest baskets of fruit, giving it a rustic edge.


Autumn Fruit

Autumnal Celebrations
Halloween and Bonfire night make Autumn undeniably the best season – there’s plenty of celebrating, without the carnage and stress that December can bring out in people. If your wedding falls (pun intended) close to any of these dates, you could have this as a theme! A bonfire is the perfect way to warm up your guests after the sun sets, and no wedding would be complete without fireworks. If you’re a bit of an alternative couple, a Halloween wedding could be ideal. Think grey suits, pumpkin decorations, black lace…


Autumn Table Decoration


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