This week we are delighted to include a blog post, provided by the amazing Anna Sin from the Brighton based, functions band: Anna Sin and The Jukebox Bandits.

These guys really are fantastic and their music is guaranteed to have everyone, both young and old, dancing the night away to some top tunes! We, at Pink Wedding Venues, would highly recommend them for your wedding and party celebrations.

Anna Sin’s soundtrack to equal marriage

Last week we were all lucky enough to see a huge (and long awaited) change to the ancient tradition of marriage; the legal system now reflects the growing support for equal rights in the UK and for the first time in history marriage is truly symbolic of unconditional love and love only. 

However this got me thinking… In the countless first dances I have provided the music for (before Uncle Berty pulls an unwilling bridesmaid onto the dancefloor) it feels like it is just the couple and me taking that first dance as a married couple.  So perhaps that is the reason I feel so compelled by equal marriage, more so than the fact it means one day I’ll be able to marry my adoring spouse, just as my parents did decades ago.  I believe I feel compelled because I’ve taken my first dance over and over, and for the first time in history I won’t feel alienated from a practice that by definition excluded me yet so often I was an intimate part of. 

When we started performing at weddings I realised very quickly that nearly all our songs are about sex, debauchery and heart break, perhaps not the most romantic thing for a wedding day.  Yet I firmly believe that few genres can transcend time so well, and can be loved by granddad and granddaughter all the same. More than not, like all songs, it always comes down to love.  However now I’ve got something new to think about, we’re a 1950s band performing at gay weddings…considering the politics of the time, this seems somewhat ironic, or so you may think. 

So, here’s my LGBT playlist from the ‘30s - ‘60s, no reason why a gay wedding should lack a good vintage sound track! Some songs by queer artists, some who play with gender, etc 

Little Richard- Tutti Frutti

Johnny Mathis – It’s Not For Me to Say

Lesley Gore – It’s My Party

Dusty Springfield – Son Of a Preacher Man

Ma Rainey – Prove It On Me Blues

Bessie Jackson – B.D Blues

Frankie “half-pint” Jaxson – My Daddy Rocks Me With One Steady Roll

Douglas Byng and Lance Lister – Cabaret Boys

Rae Bourbon – Let Me Tell You About My Operation

Jose Sarria – A Good Man Is Hard To Find

Lisa Ben – Frankie & Johnny

Jackie Shane – Any Other Way

Frances Faye – Night and Day

Gladys Bentley – Sweet Georgia Brown

Sister Rosetta Tharpe – Up Above My Head 

If this small selection of LGBT artists/subject matters still isn’t your cup of tea here’s a wonderful playlist of vintage tracks without gender pronouns: 

Out of that entire playlist of talented LGBT performers from the chaste decades of the 30s-60s my favourite artist has to be the woman who inspired Elvis Presley and had several lesbian relationships to boot.  The wonderful Sister Rosetta Tharpe: 

anna sin 02

If you’d like to have Anna Sin and her band perform some of these classic tracks at your wedding then contact Anna atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07920729592 or visit their website:

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