Gay-Friendly / Same-Sex / LGBTQ Wedding Venues in North Yorkshire

Gay-Friendly / Same-Sex / LGBTQ Wedding Venues in North Yorkshire


Reasons to Get Married in North Yorkshire

Congratulations – you’re getting married! The first few days after engagement are always bliss – until you start thinking about the organisation that goes into planning a wedding. We believe that planning your wedding should be as stress-free as possible; after all, it’s a celebration of love. In order to make the process of choosing a venue less stressful, at Pink Wedding Venues we have a directory of all the best gay-friendly wedding venues. All you need to do is pick a county! If you’re struggling to pick one, why not choose North Yorkshire?

North Yorkshire might not the obvious choice of place to get married, but read on and you might just change your mind. First of all, North Yorkshire is the biggest county in the UK – just glancing at a map while writing this, we were shocked at just how big it is! Because of its size, there really is something for everyone, so whether you’re after rolling hills or a romantic coastal view, North Yorkshire will cater for you.

It’s worth noting that North Yorkshire isn’t populated with many cities. This means that if you’re after a city wedding, it’s probably best to look elsewhere (check out our Reasons to Get Married in London!). However, if a countryside wedding complete with a manor house and surrounded by green space is what you’re after, then North Yorkshire could be perfect.

The countryside in North Yorkshire is unlike any other. Everyone’s heard of the Yorkshire Dales, the National Park, with the rolling hills and stunning green spaces as far as the eye can see. It’s the epitome of perfect British countryside - and also home to a range of gorgeous waterfalls (finding them could make a great post-wedding activity!). The drystone walls and hundreds of sheep make the perfect setting for tying the knot. Do we need to give you any other reasons?!

Are you or your partner always spending time down the pub? How do you feel about getting married in one? In North Yorkshire, you can get married in one of the cutest, cosiest pubs in the North. If you’re after something quirky, there are a range of old castles which you can get married in, showing your true regal style.

If you still aren’t convinced, here are some interesting facts about North Yorkshire.

  1. The Bronte Sisters – Emily, Anne and Charlotte – were all born and raised in the county. The sisters are famed for their literary success (and you can check out our list of the most romantic literary quotes that features one of the sisters by clicking here.)
  2. Yorkshire is also a historic centre for the brewing of beer, with breweries such as Tetley’s and John Smith. Why not serve some Yorkshire brewed beers at your wedding?
  3. The first fixed-wing flight in aviation history took place in Brompton, North Yorkshire.
  4. The pocket-size pooch Yorkshire Terriers were actually called Broken Haired Scotch Terriers until 1870.


For information on the legalities of getting married (Eg. Informing the registrar of your "Intent to Marry") please look at North Yorkshire Council's Website

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