Gay-Friendly / Same-Sex / LGBTQ Wedding Venues in Liverpool

Gay-Friendly / Same-Sex / LGBTQ Wedding Venues in Liverpool


Reasons to Get Married in Liverpool

If you’re checking out this blog, then the chances are you’re engaged, so let us begin by saying congratulations. If you’re just checking out our extensive list of gay-friendly wedding venues for fun, then by all means have a browse – there’s some stunning ones, and at Pink Wedding Venues we’ve got a bit of an obsession! We know how crucial it is to find a wedding venue that celebrates same-sex marriage. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of all the best venues, so you can rest assure you can get hitched without a hitch. If you can’t decide where to tie the knot, why not consider Liverpool?

Situated in the North West of England, Liverpool is most famous for its distinct accent, and blessing the world with arguably the most famous band of all time – The Beatles. Incidentally, The Beatles have loads of love ballads that make for perfect first dance songs, so if you decide to get married in Liverpool, you could stay extra-authentic and choose All You Need is Love. It’s easy to see what inspired The Beatles to write so many romantic tunes when you look at how gorgeous Liverpool is as a city. Modern sky-scrapers are intertwined with historic buildings, and a stroll along the river Mersey makes for a fantastic backdrop for wedding photos. Liverpool also has a thriving arts scene, with many cool bars and edgy venues that are open into the small hours, adding to the vibe of the city. Unsurprisingly, it has a plethora of gay bars in an area called the Gay Quarter, so you can really make a weekend of it!

Liverpool also has an airport, meaning it’s really easy to get your overseas guests to attend the big day. Due to the diversity of the city, the range of gay-friendly wedding venues is varied. For example, you can choose to say your vows in beautiful hotel. If you’re feeling extra regal, you can spend your big day in an old castle. Those couples who are a bit more alternative can get married in an Art Deco inspired venue, situated at the airport. No matter what type of wedding venue you’re after, Liverpool has you covered.

As always, don’t forget to check out our list of fun facts about Liverpool!

  1. We mentioned the airport… we mentioned The Beatles… but did you know that Liverpool airport is called ‘John Lennon Airport’ after one of the band’s members?
  2. Fancy getting some culture whilst the knot? Liverpool has the highest number of museums and galleries outside of London. Why not make a weekend of it, and spend a few pre-wedding days absorbing the culture?
  3. Mad about your films? Liverpool has a thriving film industry, with hundreds of films being recorded and produced there every year.
  4. A controversial topic for many, but as a city, Liverpool is the most successful footballing city in England. It is home to two teams, Liverpool FC and Everton.


For information on the legalities of getting married (Eg. Informing the registrar of your "Intent to Marry") please look at the Liverpool Council's Website

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