Gay-Friendly / Same-Sex / LGBTQ Wedding Venues in East Sussex

Gay-Friendly / Same-Sex / LGBTQ Wedding Venues in East Sussex


Reasons to Get Married in East Sussex

Your wedding day is without a doubt one of the most important days of your life. No doubt, you will spend hours agonising over the guest-list (usually with one or two disagreements!), take whole evenings out to sample menus (one of the better tasks), and whether you’re into fashion or not, try on seemingly hundreds of dresses/suits. In the midst of wedding chaos, there’s one thing you need to agree on – the venue. If you can’t decide between coastal, country and city – why not have all three and tie the knot in East Sussex?

East Sussex really does have everything. It’s home to some of the most beautiful countryside scenery in the country, with the South Downs sitting above it. The county is full of green open spaces, fields stretching for as far as the eye can see, and beautiful woodlands. But that’s not all East Sussex has to offer. It’s also home to one of the most vibrant cities in the UK, the unofficial gay capital Brighton. Brighton is made up of winding lanes, cosy pubs and eccentric people – all of which are ingredients in the recipe for a perfect wedding. East Sussex also has lots of quaint towns, if you want something less with a less city vibe.

Let’s not forget that East Sussex is on the South coast, meaning that if you wanted a wedding with a water view, it would be easy to find somewhere to accommodate you. Everyone says that marriages are about compromises – but if you get married in East Sussex, you don’t need to compromise: you can have it all.

Here’s some interesting facts about East Sussex:

  1. Brighton is home to the UK’s Biggest Pride Festival – it happens every August, and is a fun-filled day with a parade, a festival and lots of glitter.
  2. According to the Met Office, Eastbourne in East Sussex is the sunniest place in Britain!
  3. Incidentally, the UK’s ONLY 5* seaside hotel can also be found in Eastbourne, the much loved Grand hotel.
  4. Lewes Bonfire Night is one of the biggest in the world!
  5. Devil’s Dyke is the name of a 100-metre valley in East Sussex. A major tourist attraction, the myth states that the Devil made the gap between the land as a final attempt to grasp the earth. Nowadays, it makes an excellent picnic venue.


For information on the legalities of getting married (Eg. Informing the registrar of your "Intent to Marry") please look at the East Sussex Council's Website

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