Gay-Friendly / Same-Sex / LGBTQ Wedding Venues in Bedfordshire

Gay-Friendly / Same-Sex / LGBTQ Wedding Venues in Bedfordshire


Reasons to Get Married in Bedfordshire

If you’re browsing our site, chances are you’re getting married. So, congratulations! Whether you’re the one who popped the question, or the one who said “yes”, you both need to pitch in when it comes to organising the wedding. While weddings can be a case of “too many cooks spoil the broth”, in order to have a day that suits both of you, it’s important to work together to achieve your wedding goals. Part of that process is choosing a venue, together. At Pink Wedding Venues, we understand the importance of finding a wedding venue that celebrates same-sex marriage. That’s why we showcase our list of gay-friendly wedding venues! If you haven’t fully decided yet, why not choose Bedfordshire?

One of the Home Counties, Bedfordshire is nestled between Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. You know what you’re getting when you choose a Home County – they’re all stunning, so you’re guaranteeing gorgeous scenery and breath-taking views for your big day. What makes Bedfordshire different is that it’s home to the Dunstable Downs, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that truly lives up to its status. With such magnificent scenery, you can see why hundreds of people choose to tie the knot in Bedfordshire every year.

Given the kind of scenery Bedfordshire is set in, it’s no wonder that there are heaps of stately homes and manor houses, all which double as ideal wedding venues. Those after a more low-key affair can choose one of Bedfordshire’s spas to get married at, while anyone craving a more contemporary venue can rest assure they’ll be well catered for. In short, Bedfordshire has a wide range of venues, and paired with gorgeous scenery, provide two key ingredients in the recipe for a perfect day. Plus, with Luton Airport conveniently located in Bedfordshire, you’re well located for getting guests to the venue (or jetting off on that long-awaited honeymoon).

Here are some fun facts about Bedfordshire, to share with your guests:

1. Anyone who grew up in the countryside will know someone who got driven to their wedding on a tractor. Well, way back in 1901, the world’s first tractor was invented in Biggleswade, by local man Daniel Albone.

2. One of the most famous literary natives of Bedfordshire is John Bunyan, the author of Pilgrim’s Progress.

3. Bedford Castle is a huge tourist attraction, which is definitely worth a visit. It was built around 1100, and only part of the motte remains.

4. Obsessed with having a sunny wedding? You’ll be pleased to know that Bedfordshire is a relatively dry wedding – meaning you have more chance of dodging the rain than if you get married up north!


For information on the legalities of getting married (Eg. Informing the registrar of your "Intent to Marry") please look at the Central Bedfordshire Council Website

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