We're half way through June already, the sun is shining (at the time of writing!) and all around the country you will notice more and more Rainbow/Pride flags being flown and shown in support of June being Pride month.

But, "What is Pride Month and Why is Pride Still Important?"


Pride Flag


At the moment, it seems the rainbow flag is being flown and shown everywhere! ~ Business logo's from banks, food chains, supermarkets, online retailers everywhere seem to be appearing far and wide with rainbow colours shining brightly....

Aside from it being adopted by the NHS Covid support, it's been used throughout our LGBTQ+ community for many years and is known as the "Pride Flag" but what is Pride and Pride month all about?

Do we still need Pride in this day and age? 

Why do we celebrate Pride each year?

These are questions being asked around the country by those who, forwhatever reason, aren't too sure. 

We were going to write a whole post about why Pride is, absolutely, to be marked, considered and celebrated for awareness of what our community has faced in the past, what it's faced with in the present and what we hope changes so it doesn't have to face it in the future not only in the UK but around the globe.

Instead of writing it ourselves, having found some much better content to explain and address the topic, we thought we'd share some of what we believe are the answers to why Pride is marked each year.


Across the country, not only is Pride Month celebrated in June but Pride events/festivals happen in towns and cities throughout the summer (mostly).


Brighton Hove Pride Logo 

Our local Pride always happens across the first weekend in August. Being one of the largest in the country it's a weekend NOT to be missed!

Due to Covid it was sadly cancelled last year and now this year too.

However, a couple of years ago (2019), I remember standing at the main stage with thousands of others when their, incredibly powerful and emotive, Pride Campaign video was shared.

The atmosphere was electric....the images & numbers were shocking....


  Credit to Brighton Pride



In preperation of this post, I spent some time researching, looking for content inspiration and came across this fantastic editorial piece on Bristol Post's Website which is so well written, we thought we'd share it as we couldn't have written it better ourselves.....(Click on the image below to read the full story)

  Bristol LiveCredit to:

Bristol Post | Bristol Live

Oscar Dayus - Digital journalist


The BristolLive post above, in our opinion, explains Pride beautifully and concisely yet it still attracted the oddest of comments!

Some of which were clearly offensive as they've been flagged and (rightly) the content has been deactivated.  

We thought we'd share these which are just a small snippet of the kinds of comments made about Pride across social media.

These are very tame examples...believe us!  


Comments 1Comments 2Comments 3 Comments 5  

The has to be our absolute favourite response to a post! 

We can only dare to imagine what the original content/comment was and which was subsequently deactivated!!  

Comments 4



Searching for the question; "Why is Pride Still Important?" brought up this great video, on YouTube which explains the reasons well:-

Credit to TLDR News UK


I hope this has helped in someway highlighting the importance of Pride Month and Pride events for our LGBTQ+ community? 

If you Google or YouTube "Pride Month" or "Pride Events" you will come across a miriade of websites, videos, blog posts etc. 


With love and Happy Pride!

Pink Wedding Venues Team x






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