Thank-you Pink Wedding Venues!
My partner and I found our dream wedding venue through your site.
We wanted to find a wedding venue, we knew to be gay-friendly,
so our day with our friends and family would feel special and relaxed.
It couldn't have been more so.
Other sites don't feature half the information about the venues as yours.
With your focus being on just venues we couldn't be happier.
We celebrated our wedding on Saturday 7th January 2017 and had THE BEST DAY!
My wife and I wanted to feedback what a great site you have

(Mrs & Mrs Schofield).

We have found our Pink Venue's listing a great way of expanding our same-sex wedding and civil partnership market.
Also as a Gay friendly venue it is a great tool to see how other venues work within the market.
We will certainly be staying with Pink Venues to promote equal marriage!
20% of our bookings in 2016 came from our listing on your site which is a fantastic amount!

(General Manager - The Rosendale - London).

6 Reasons to advertise with Pink Wedding Venues

Showcase your Wedding Venue with us and let us recommend you, as a Gay-Friendly Wedding Venue, to our couples, across the UK.

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be delighted to send further information on how you can feature your wedding venue with us!

Advertise with, possibly, the best same-sex wedding venue site in the UK

  1. It’s all about YOU! – We are a Same-Sex Wedding/Civil Partnership Venue’s ONLY site, no other services or pages cluttered with Google Ad’s to distract users away from your page.
  2. Exciting times… be a part of it! – Same-sex marriage has now been legalised in the UK. Couples are looking for venues, such as yours, to celebrate their same-sex wedding. Contact us to ensure your venue can be easily found.
  3. Come on…show off! – You have a wonderful venue; we invite you to show it off to the max. The profile page we provide for you, is as comprehensive as is possible so that couples can make an informed choice meaning quality enquiries to you.
  4. Want to be friends? – If you consider your venue to be gay-friendly and welcomes gay marriage then we would love to hear from you! We need to ensure couples feel confident their enquiry will be met with a warm welcome.
  5. We will “blow your trumpet” for you – We will be promoting Pink Wedding Venues, purely, to the LGBT market. Provide us with as much information as you can, about your venue, so we can provide couples with as much information, as we can, about you.
  6. It does what it says on the tin – Our ethos is to keep things simple. Simply, couples will be able to find your venue through our easy search criteria. If you’re with us, you will be found!

If your venue welcomes same-sex weddings then we would love to hear from you.

Studies have shown that LGBT communities tend to favour gay friendly businesses such as ours. Let’s make sure your venue is a business to be favoured too.

Unlike other wedding sites in the marketplace we don’t want to be a “one stop shop”; we focus purely on venues, nothing else such as cakes, cars, photographer or Google Ads that may distract the user away from your page.

We have created a site that is dedicated to “gay friendly” wedding venues. If you consider yourselves as gay friendly, welcome same-sex marriage and can ensure our couples are met with the utmost welcome and respect from their enquiry, we would be delighted to feature your venue across our site, promote and showcase it to our LGBT community. 


We look forward to welcoming your venue to Pink Wedding Venues soon!


For more information please contact us either by: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling us on: 07857 206406